Parrot Bebop 2

Did you see the overview of mini-drones Parrot we have achieved by SMAU 2015? In the video (which we again below) you can find drones of land, air and water, but the newest member belongs to another category. Bebop 2 is a quadricopter leisure, a drone compact, robust, stable and very light (500 grams). It will be available soon at the best electronics stores at a recommended price of € 549.90, with a battery included, or paired with the Parrot Skycontroller Black Edition at a price of € 949.90.
Equipped with sensors and the latest technology, it provides a 25-minute flight (lithium-ion battery 2700 mAh) and a very simple drive modes via Wi-Fi from smartphones and tablets. Equipped with a digital camera with a fish-eye lens with an image stabilization 3-axis, records video in Full HD incredibly fluid and extraordinarily bright. E ‘compatible with Skycontroller Black Edition, similar to a remote control RC able to offer a wider range of flight (up to 2km).
Parrot Bebop 2

Parrot Bebop 2

Bebop 2 can be driven very easily without the need for instruction through the application FreeFlight 3 for smartphones and tablets. Right out of the box, it is immediately ready for adventure: simply tilt the device driver – forward, backward, left and right – to make Bebop 2 follows the direction precisely. Tapping the “landing”, the drone lands automatically and regardless of the height.
During the flight, Bebop 2 offers great stability and maneuverability, even in difficult conditions, thanks to an autopilot different from those available on the market. The data collected from seven sensors are analyzed and combined with the incredible computational capabilities of the onboard computer (dual-core processor with quad-core CPU):
a camera takes a picture in vertical stabilization of the ground every 16 milliseconds and compares it with the previous example for determining the speed of Bebop 2;
an ultrasonic sensor analyzes the flight altitude up to 5 meters and is complete with a pressure sensor;
a pressure sensor measures the air pressure and analyzes the flying height exceeding 5 meters;
a three-axis gyroscope measures the angle of inclination of the drone;
a three-axis accelerometer measures the position of the drone and the linear speed;
a three-axis magnetometer helps define the position of the drone, like a compass;
a chipset (GNSS) combines GPS and GLONASS data and geolocate the drone helping to measure their speed, keeping it stable even at high altitudes.

In terms of propulsion, the four propellers with three blades powered by four brushless motors outrunner offer great maneuverability during flight at high speed. Bebop 2 reaches a horizontal velocity of 60 km / h and 21 Km / h in the vertical. Reaches the maximum speed in 14 seconds, brakes in 4.5 seconds and can withstand a wind to the detriment of 63 Km / h! Finally, in less than 20 seconds to 100 meters high.
Bebop 2 connects via Wi-Fi MIMO (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz) devices piloting smartphone / tablet and guarantees a perfectly stable connection up to 300 meters. In addition, many systems are implemented to increase flight safety: emergency shutdown of the engines, propellers block in case of contact, setting the height limit and the scope of flight and functionality “return home” automatic.

The glass fiber reinforced (20%) of the frame and legs ABS shockproof ensure a very solid structure. While the pilot controls the drone in sight, an LED light on the back of the device alerts you about the direction of flight.
Bebop 2 is equipped with a 14-megapixel front camera lens with “fish-eye”. Developed specifically for Bebop, it transmits real-time filming directly on the screen of the device driver. The pilot can move digitally angle of view of the camera 180 degrees by simply swiping your thumb on the screen. Digitally stabilized on three axes by means of powerful algorithms, the images are bright, perfectly stable and distortion-free. The videos and pictures in 16: 9, 4: 3 and fisheye are recorded in full HD (1080p) on flash memory 8Gb of Bebop 2 and can then be transferred to the device driver or computer.

Bebop 2 is compatible with the Parrot Skycontroller Black Edition, a radio control equipped with a Wi-Fi amplifier that extends the range up to 2 kilometers. Two controller manual with joystick, whose keys can be customized depending on the needs of the driver, become so the “helm” of the drone. Based on the Android operating system, the application incorporates Parrot Skycontroller pilot FreeFlight 3, which is used to control Bebop 2 without smartphones or tablet. For flying experience immersive, Parrot Skycontroller connect – via HDMI – to glasses of last generation First Personal View (FPV). The user assumes the role of co-pilot will enjoy such a vision of flight engaging displaying telemisurazioni in real time, as if he were “sitting” driving Bebop 2.
The “Radar” shows on the screen of the smartphone / tablet or FPV glasses on the position and direction of Bebop 2 compared to Skycontroller. The pilot can then see if the drone is flying within the limit of the Wi-Fi signal generated by the antenna of Parrot Skycontroller and can position themselves in front of the quadricopter following the directions shown on the screen. Through this function, drivers can benefit from a free Wi-Fi optimal

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