Parrot Disco drone

At CES 2016, Parrot has unveiled the technological innovations that have in Serbia for 2016 and highlighted its creative strength and expertise in the market for civilian drones, the objects connected and the connected car. One of the new projects takes the name of Parrot Disc, a drone for the free time.

Parrot Disco

The thin shape and light weight (less than 700 grams) of Parrot Disc have been designed to allow the drone to hover in flight elegantly, like a volatile memory. Parrot Disc is the first drone wing shaped that requires no learning process for piloting. The autopilot and the numerous sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer, pitot tube and GPS) continuously monitor the flight of the drone.
The take-off is automatic. Simply launch the drone to ensure that books in flight, reaches the altitude independently and pirouettes in the sky until the pilot takes control. During the flight, the autopilot prevents any risky maneuver that could plunge the flying wing. The drone can reach speeds of 80 km / h, without losing stability, and can be controlled from the ground with the controller WiFi “Parrot Skycontroller” or with an RC standards.

parrot disco review

Parrot Disco

Parrot Disco is equipped with a front camera that allows you to experience the immersive flight with an exceptional point of view, capable of recording Full HD video stabilized. With Parrot Skycontroller it is also possible to connect the glasses FPV to have “their heads in the clouds.” With the in-app Flight Plan, Parrot Disco realizes flights in total autonomy. It moves with grace, flexibility and provides a range of flight of almost 45 minutes. Parrot currently has not announced the price of Disco, but we know that will be made available by 2016. While waiting to learn more, enjoy our hands-on video made at CES 2016

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