Parrot Hydrofoil

Parrot Hydrofoil is a hybrid robot, a flying drone anchored to a hydrofoil able to rise on the water and whiz as a genuine specimen in a regatta. Part of the second generation of Minidrones, which also includes the Jumping and Airborne models, thanks to which the French company has projected even more so in the era of connected toys, Parrot Hydrofoil are quadricotteri miniature ultra-light and ultra-technological , controllable via smartphone and tablet thanks to the app free FreeFlight 3. we saw them live last fall and, for those who missed the video presentation, we represent below.
Parrot Hydrofoil

Parrot Hydrofoil

Once anchored activated and the motors, the upper part of the drone you have perpendicularly to the nautical structure and, through the four propellers, slips on the water and rises to 5 cm, while maintaining a stability and agility truly amazing. Depending on the reduction or the increase in friction with water, Parrot Hydrofoil reach different speed and turns in a flash, without ever running the risk of capsizing. Parrot Hydrofoil can also be used independently of the marine structure. Being equipped with all the characteristics of the flying Minidroni, in fact, is an extraordinary bird that darts and makes funny acrobatics in the air.
According to the specifications given by the French company, Parrot Hydrofoil can reach a top speed in flight of 18 Km / h and 10 km / h on the water (it is recommended to use Hydrofoil of fresh water). The autonomy is 7 minutes, with rapid recharge in 25 minutes (the charger 2.6A is not included).
Parrot Parrot Hydrofoil Hydrofoil
Parrot Hydrofoil is available in two colors: Orak (black) and New Z (white) retail price of € 149.90 in the main online stores and in major electronics chains. Amazon, however, suggests the black version at the discounted price of 129 euro.

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