Parrot Mambo

In addition to Parrot Swing, the flying drone with vertical takeoff passing from quadricottero mode to airplane in a flash, the French company has also launched a drone for recreational use. Parrot Mambo, among the lightest around with only 63 grams in weight, includes a range of accessories that can be activated by applying FreeFlight Mini smartphone or via the optional remote Parrot Flypad. Parrot Mambo will be available in Italy from September priced at 119 € and his pack will contain two accessories:
Cannon: identify a target, aim at a moving object and shoot. Flow rate of 2 meters and 6 marbles in the magazine.
Pliers: to carry a ticket, grab a sugar cube and deposit it in a cup, to hide kibble dog and much more (maximum weight of objects: 4 grams)
Parrot Mambo
Parrot Mambo

As he explains Giorgio Castellano, Country Manager of Parrot Italy, Mambo is an ideal Minidrone to have fun alone or with friends, to test their skills, challenge fellow players and spend a few hours of entertainment both indoors and is all ‘open. It is an adventurous acrobat: reach the speed of 30 km / h and takes fluid aerial tricks. Vaulting forward, back or side, rotation of 90 ° or 180 ° and “spear and takes off”, a movement in which Mambo (engine off) detect your launch and automatically starts the engine to stabilize in flight. It is equipped also with two powerful directional white LED for night missions and, thanks to the app FreeFlight Mini, you can change their intensity or send signals via the flashing lights.

Parrot Mambo possesses high-precision sensors that guarantee a significant flight stability: an accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope measure and analyze each movement or inclination of the drone and, thanks to the automatic pilot, correct its position, an ultrasonic sensor analyzes the flight altitude up to 4 meters. Furthermore, a pressure sensor controls the Minidrone in altitude. What’s more, a vertical camera compares, every 16 milliseconds, an image of the ground with the precedent for determining the speed of Minidrone, and allows you to take snapshots that are stored in flash memory of 1GB.

As Parrot Swing, Mambo is also driven by the new remote Flypad Parrot Bluetooth Low Energy up to 60 meters, setting it with the app dedicated FreeFlight Mini. Beyond this, the simple and intuitive interface allows the user to adapt the control parameters and flight at their own level, configure the Minidrone even if disconnected, make it twirl in the air, turn the Mambo accessories.

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