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Forget to water the plants may cease to be a problem in the near future. And it is that more and more intelligent products that can connect to phones to report in real time of any problem. This is the case of the new planter Parrot, the well-known French company that not only develops drones. A clever product allows a complete monitoring of a plant watered from mobile, or even automate to avoid this creature perish when we go on vacation.

This pot, called Parrot Pot, has been unveiled at CES event in Las Vegas. A development that goes a step beyond Parrot Flower Power, also seen in this event last year, and consisted of a device that was placed next to the plant to keep track of their status. Parrot has decided that now is the device which contains the plant completely, providing water storage capacity and a system of intelligent, automated irrigation.

Parrot Pot 2

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Parrot Pot

parrot pot

Pot Parrot system therefore consists of a pot and a mobile application. The container allows a plant to contain and analyze the status of the land and the environment thanks to its four sensors. They are within a pod located on one side of the pot. At the upper end has a light sensor that analyzes the amount of sunlight the plant receives, and spread throughout the pod, hosts other capable of analyzing soil temperature, the level of fertilizer and moisture plant. In addition, the contour of the container has a space to store up to 2.2 liters of water and irrigation system.

Although the pot can operate independently with four AA batteries that give a range of more than a year, according to Parrot, you need the Flower Power 2 application on an Android or iOS mobile to take full advantage of this smart pot. With it the user can see in detail the information collected sensors and knowing the status of the plant. This also allows you to create real-time alerts when a critical limit which may endanger the health of the plant exceeded. All this directly on your mobile.

parrot pot

In addition, the Parrot Flower Power 2 application offers different ways of care and watered the plant user. You just need to know the type of plant in question, choosing among the 8,000 listed that comprise the application, and choose the automatic watering mode, which saves water by watering when the plant needs it and the perspective. Automation that allows to go on vacation for a month without worrying about the health of the plant.

For now you have to wait until next April to acquire the pot Parrot Pot, without either knows the price of the device. Yes, come in three neutral colors: black and white, gray. Similarly, the Flower Power 2 application is not yet available for download, although in his case will be completely free.

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