PassMark MemTest86

assMark software developer has released a new revision of its popular software memory testing, MemTest86. MemTest86 free original program is designed to test the RAM of personal computers whose processors follow the standard x86 in its internal architecture and has been in use for over 20 years.

The original MemTest86 program was developed by Chris Brady in 1994, using algorithms testing that were in use since 1981. Since then, there have been more than a dozen new versions which have added them stand for 64-bit applications, support for new models of processors, multi thread support for multi-core processors and many other features. MemTest was originally distributed under the GPL open source license.

In February 2013, the software developer PassMark took control of application development and thus the code was rewritten and various improvements such as support were introduced with the SecureBoot and UEFI now incorporate modern motherboards, as well as making that Microsoft digitally sign the application for full compatibility with SecureBoot. support for DDR4 memory and x64 extensions of modern processors are added.

PassMark MemTest86

In this new version, the 7th, we have included the following features:

13 different algorithms for testing RAM.
Extended Support for DDR4, besides the usual for DDR2 and DDR3, including the ability to read your SPD.
Support for XMP profiles.
Full support for UEFI motherboards that support it.
SecureBoot support on motherboards that support it.
Support for using keyboard and mouse.
native code written for 64-bit.
Improved support for multi thread.
ECC RAM support.
Support for the new standard GPT partition.
Ability to test more than 4 GB of RAM without option PAE (Physical Address Extension).
Option to disable the processor cache in the tests.
Improved execution speed tests between 10 and 30%.
Inclusion of two new tests that use memory capacity and 64-bit SIMD instructions.
Write support for USB pen drive to post review log of tests.
The most and the least has ever had a computer problem appeared to be the fault of the system RAM. With MemTest86 you can assure if indeed it is she who is causing the problem or another component.

There are several versions of the program between Pro, the Site and Free (which also includes the old version v4 to really old computers). You can Unload the program at the following link.

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