Pentax K-70 Pixel Shift Resolution System

Pentax has announced the SLR K-70, a model equipped with a 24 megapixel CMOS sensor in APS-C format. The image processor PRIME MII allows you to capture 14-bit images and lets you shoot bursts at 6 frames per second. The sensitivity ranges from ISO 100 to ISO 102,400. The body of the K-70 is built to withstand temperatures up to -10 ° C, dust and difficult climatic conditions.

The autofocus uses a SAFOX X module with 11 detection points, 9 of which are cross. The auto focus is able to operate up to -3EV and uses an improved algorithm for tracking of moving subjects. Vibration reduction is entrusted to the Shake Reduction system. The new camera also features the AA Filter Simulator (there is not an anti-aliasing filter) and Pixel Shift Resolution System, already found on other models.

Pentax K-70 Pixel Shift Resolution System

The Pixel Shift Resolution System captures four images, all referred to the same scene, shifting (using the Shake Reduction) sensor of a single pixel for each image taken. The images are then reassembled, getting a single photograph. Compared to a conventional Bayer system, in which each pixel has the data for a single color, the Pixel Shift Resolution allows to obtain the data for all colors for each pixel. This results in images with higher resolution, capable of reproducing more faithful colors and a greater number of details

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