Phanteks Power Splitter

Who needs two systems at his desk, normally there are two housing there. However, there are also housing, allow the installation of two motherboards and precisely what Phanteks has now introduced the “power splitter”. With this you can run two systems in one, of course, appropriately powerful PSU.

The Phanteks Power Splitter goes by the name “PH PWSPR_1P2M” and measures 16,5×3,2×10 cm (WxHxD). It is connected with the usual 24-pin and one or two 8-pin cables directly to the power supply and then presents two motherboards the appropriate ports (each 1x 24-pin, 1x 8-pin, 2x 4-pin) available , Graphics cards however, are not connected to the power splitter. but as usual directly to the power supply, so this must have corresponding performance and PCIe connectors.

Phanteks Power Splitter

The Power Splitter protects and monitors according to the manufacturer, the 12V / 5V / 3.3V / 5VSP circuits completely independent and should thus ensure high stability.
You can operate only one of the two systems, or both simultaneously. The power supply will turn off only when both motherboards have sent the corresponding power-off signals.
The Phanteks power splitter is i.a. Available at Caseking for just under 30 euros.

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