Philips 55PUS6401/12

If you want a big TV with 4K resolution and priced content, but do not want curves, you can take a look at Philips 55PUS6401 / 12. It offers 55-inch flat panel with 4K UHD resolution. The TV image engine incorporates Pixel Plus Ultra HD Philips to optimize image quality. In addition, this TV is ready for the future, since it is compatible with high dynamic range HDR. To move around the TV set uses the Android TV system. Do not miss the famous Ambilight lighting system that the company has been using for many years. But we will review in depth what gives us the Philips TV 55PUS6401 / 12.

Philips 55PUS6401

The Philips 55PUS6401 / 12 incorporates a design that reminds us to the Samsung KS7000. We have a silver frame that surrounds the TV and if it is true that is not too thick, that’s significant. At the bottom we have two aluminum legs at both ends of the TV that will serve to support the device as well as the brand logo in a kind of transparent added that lights up when the TV is on. TV design is characterized, as is customary in the Dutch trade mark, by the addition of Ambilight system. The system included in this TV emits light from both sides of the screen, providing a better viewing experience.

Philips 55PUS6401 / 12

In addition to a modern design, the Philips 55PUS6401 / 12 incorporates a 55-inch panel with 4K Ultra HD resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. The brightness offered is 350 cd / m² and TV incorporates image processing engine Ultra HD Pixel Plus Philips. This engine optimizes image quality to present sharper images with brighter whites and darker blacks. On the other hand, the Micro Dimming Pro system optimizes the contrast of the TV according to the lighting conditions of the room. For this we have used special software that analyzes the image in different areas 6400 to get a good contrast and high image quality. In addition, Philips TV 55PUS6401 / 12 Plus incorporates the HDR system, which makes it compatible with recorded images in HDR format images that get more detail on any type of scene.

The company has decided to use the Android TV system in Philips 55PUS6401 / 12. This system, despite being less consolidated others like Tizen OS or webOS, offers the great advantage of having access to the Google Play store applications. In the Google application store, in addition to the most common applications like Netflix or YouTube, we have a wide range of games for all ages, optimized for use on the TV. And to move these applications the TV features a Quad Core processor, which will allow us to run applications and play videos smoothly.

The Philips TV 55PUS6401 / 12 is now available in the market with a price of around 900 euros.

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