Philips Personal Health Program Smartwatch

Philips is no stranger to “the world of health.” In fact, Philips Healthcare (born as Philips Medical Systems) is a major division of the multinational and bases its business on providing medical equipment for hospitals, by CT (Computed Tomography scanner) defibrillators, but the company has decided to move first steps also in the field of wearable taking advantage of the increasing interest in these devices.

Philips Health Watch

Philips has not only launched a wearable, but an entire ecosystem connected: his Personal Health Program includes various smart devices, including a weighing scale, a thermometer, two blood pressure measuring devices (wrist and arm) and one smartwatch that serves as a hub , with the app HealthSuite developed specifically for Android and iOS. It is not a novelty, given that Philips Personal Health Program was presented in preview at IFA 2015 (and probably will meet again at IFA 2016), but it is an important turning point in Dutch commercial strategy of the company that has decided to create devices for the end user in order to improve some habits and the own state of health.

Philips Personal Health Program Smartwatch

The devices connected to Philips do not claim to impose itself on other well-known names in the industry, such as Samsung, Apple or Withings, because they appeal to a more mature audience and little interested in the design and secondary functions. In essence, they are the essential equipment in both form and substance.
The smartwatch Philips Health Watch, for example, does not integrate a touch display and will not be able to show the smartphone notifications, but will focus only on the physical activity and the user’s vital signs. We find, in fact, the typical features of a fitness tracker such as measuring heart rate, quality of sleep and motor activity but with a much higher accuracy. Despite this, however, its price is not cheap: $ 250 well costs.
The scales, very similar to that offered by Withings, costs $ 100 and includes the analysis of the BMI (body mass index) and multiple profiles, while the ear thermometer is proposed at $ 60 to $ 100 and sphygmomanometers (arm) and $ 90 (wrist). The entire ecosystem is already available in the US market, but we are sure that will arrive soon in Europe

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