Philips USB Docking Stand

Thanks to Philips USB Docking Stand is possible, in a few easy steps, connect your laptop via USB and hook the monitor (provided equipped with VESA) to stand, thus obtaining a quick access to all the devices you use in the office and an Internet connection super fast thanks to USB 3.0 port. In addition, if you add a monitor Philips, you will get a visual and manual ever seen before.

The new Philips USB Docking Stand SB4B1928UB is an elegant and egorgonomico support to which you can attach a display Philips, or any other display provided with standard VESA (measures 100 x 100mm), and in size from 19 “to 28”, offering a greater flexibility and possibility to replace the screens.

The stand is also an excellent solution for ultra-thin notebooks, more and more choice for professionals who work on the move. Compensating connectivity, sometimes limited, the thinner and lighter notebook, Philips USB Docking Stand offers a USB 3.0 and Ethernet.

The stand offers users the freedom to choose the display size, resolution and the technology best suited to their applications – until the blinding clarity of 4K UHD with its 3840 x 2160 pixels. And if a display is not sufficient, you can connect up to six monitors via HDMI, DisplayPort and USB – all again via a single USB cable between the support and the notebook. This would result in a workspace ordered for increased productivity.
Despite its ease of use, there is nothing in the design of the new Philips Docking Stand that is not customized to the needs of everyone. Due to the design of the Philips SmartErgoBase, the holder can be raised or lowered, tilted, rotated and the screen placed in exactly the right position for the user. The frame positioned low height of the desk provides comfort while reading, especially for people with bifocals, trifocals or progressive lens glasses. And thanks to the USB 3.0 cable eliminates most of the tangles of cables that are formed on the desk helping to create a work space clean and tidy.

The new Philips SB4B1928UB USB Docking Stand is now available from authorized resellers at a price of 179 Euros (VAT included).

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