What you see in the pictures and in the video below is the first PC Keyboard Pipo. K1 is called Pipo, but the name is not final, so it may go into business with a product code-different (because when Pipo K1 identifies a 10-inch tablet). What we previewed the Global Sources Electronics Show we like, especially since proposes a hybrid concept already experienced in the past by ASUS and other Chinese companies and then abandoned.
Pipo K1

Just like the ASUS Eee Keyboard PC, also Pipo K1 holds in a single device a classic full-size keyboard and a hardware equipment similar to that of a Mini PC of today. In fact to be honest, it should have the same technical details of Pipo X7. It lacks the display, which in this case is replaced by a multi-touch touchpad very large on the side. The chassis is made of black plastic, rather robust, often a few centimeters to accommodate all the components necessary for its operation.

All interfaces are located at the rear: recognize one VGA, one HDMI, two USB ports, an RJ-45 Ethernet, a slot for microSD and audio jacks. It ‘s also a button on / off switch, a WiFi module and two stereo speakers on the sides. We are not sure, but it could also be integrated a small battery to allow the use of the keyboard while away from a power outlet and it can be used comfortably on the sofa. Pipo has pre-installed Windows 10, Intel Atom (Bay Trail), 2GB of RAM and 32GB / 64GB of storage.

It is really simple: just connect Pipo K1 Keyboard PC to a monitor or home TV via HDMI or VGA, and use it as a desktop computer, with the advantage of having already provided a keyboard and a touchpad. You can surf the Internet, work with the Office suite, listen to music and watch movies in streaming. The touchpad recognizes certain gestures, which could help in the management of the Mini PC with Windows 10, the activation of Cortana all’action center. Pipo K1 will be available next month, still in time for Christmas shopping

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