Pixel C 3GB RAM Tegra X1

We are very curious to see the new Pixel C. not so much for the hardware and the operating system, but rather to understand how Google intends to address the problem since Android tablet to date between applications and ecosystem support us back to Apple of years and obviously far from the productivity and flexibility of Windows 10.

Pixel C 3GB RAM Tegra X1

Waiting to understand this evolution, and it will take a few months, Pixel C appears in some benchmarks confirming certain characteristics. In addition to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, we find a processor Nvidia Tegra X1, 3GB of RAM, a rear camera and a front 2MP 7MP, NFC connectivity, and a 10.2 inch display 2560×1800 pixels leading to 308ppi density.

Finally we find a USB Type-C and two versions of 32GB $ 499 64GB $ 549 to which is added the cost of the $ 149 keyboard.

With prices much higher and much too close to those of the surface 3, it will be very interesting to understand the potential buyers of this Tablet. From the first benchmark results I am still good but not exciting:

1411 points in single-core
4,101 in multi-core
Appointment next week for possible commercialization, yet still unconfirmed.

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