Playstation 5 2018

Despite the current generation of playstation is always appreciated, many gamers are questioning the future of the next console from Sony and are curious to have advances and technical characteristics.

When hitting PS5

We know that the Playstation 5 is in the design. To announce an exit for the second half of 2018 was Damian Thong, analyst and industry expert; also analyzing the moves of competitors, he identified the launch of the Xbox Two in 2020 and expected to be the main rival of the Sony console.

If we look at the path, however, we can see that the Sony console will usually occur every 6-7 years or so and this could lead Sony to launch PlayStation 5 only in 2019/20. All this, however, could be speeded up if the competition from Microsoft and the PC in the world will become fiercer.

The two versions of the Playstation 5

We are assuming we can say that, given the precedents, even the PlayStation 5 will be available in two versions.

In fact, the previous console, the PS4, output in 2013 was then renovated and updated in 2016 with the Slim version, lighter and more compact, and the Pro version, heavier and with support for video

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