Pokemon Go blocked by hackers in Europe and the US

Too good to last. Disappointment for millions of fans of ‘Pokemon Go’: the augmented reality games which for weeks depopulated on smartphones, is currently in ‘black out’.

For a few hours, about 15 in Italy, users in Europe and the United States are denied access to the game. The sabotage was the work of the group of hackers PoodleCorp, which has claimed responsibility for the attack carried out by a DDoS on the hugely popular app server.

For several hours the user complaints are flocking to Twitter, where the hashtag #pokemondown is already top trend. Problems to servers were recorded, reported several US sites including that of Forbes, the world of yesterday, and even in recent days several disruptions caused by the huge amount of players have been reported, caused by the unexpected success for the duo .

The company has acknowledged the difficulties in a tweet in which he claims to be working on a solution. The block in Italy confirms that in our country the game is having a great success. “Ok now is too much, fix it !!!” wrote a user on Twitter, while another says “are so desperate that I capture bottles in the street”.

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