Pokémon Go European launch release date

Go as far as Pokémon has become a reality in some countries, the craze is officially exploded and if it is true that there is much talk about the title of Niantic everywhere and for reasons not strictly related to the gameplay, it is also true that the server problems are all ‘agenda and crashes are frequent.

Why neither Niantic nor Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have officially announced the release date in other countries of the World. For several days we talk about an exit in Italy scheduled for July 15, but it is worth pointing out that at the time it is not an official news.

Today, however, the Wall Street Journal, citing “people familiar with the plans for the game” reveals that the launch in other regions, from Europe to Japan, via other Asian countries, should not suffer any slowdown and that should be expected for the next days.

The date of July 15, in short, might not be so unrealistic. We just have to wait for confirmation or denial on the part of those involved.

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