Pokemon GO find rare pokemon with Ingress

Any excuse to get out of house hunting small monsters to catch, and it is common to see Pokémon trainers that interrupt the most challenging and serious activities of their daily lives to capture a Pokémon, perhaps quite rare.

If in fact the beginning will be quite simple to find the first monsters, as our Pokédex will grow, it will become increasingly difficult to find the Pokémon less common, usually located in areas of the real world where the population is denser.

Pokemon GO find rare pokemon with Ingress

But there seems to be a method to help in the hunt for the rare pokémon (and also save a lot of time), discovered by a Reddit user. The trick, perfectly legal and does not violate in any way the rules imposed by Niantic, is based on Ingress, the precedent of the same software house game, which has much in common with GO Pokémon at a structural level, since both exploit the reality increased as a baseline feature.

The Ingress portals are in fact converted almost all in Pokéstop and Gyms GO Pokémon, while XM Ingress points correspond to the places where they appear more likely Pokémon.

The screenshot below was taken from Ingress. As you can see from the image at the bottom of the same area, the Gates match Pokéstop.

White points rappresantano XM hotspot of Ingress maps. These points correspond to the areas where it will most likely run in Pokémon catches Go.
If Pokémon Go gives you a fairly vague hint every time you find yourself in the vicinity of a pokémon, by Ingress you instead a very clear map of where are the XM points, which correspond very likely to points where you can find the Pokémon.

This trick could then help you make the search of creatures much easier and less exhausting. This method has been tested and confirmed by several users and us, with the first attempts, we have seen that correspondence between the maps of the two titles Niantic.

We must say that despite your research you can help greatly with this system, you have to keep in mind that your mobile device will have to keep active not one, but two very exorbitant app resources, consuming much power quickly and doubling the request of data packets. So try this system, but be careful not to abuse it.

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