Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon Go Plus, the bracelet that alerts you to the Pokemon nearby
Without looking at the phone, the device connects to the smartphone and notifies you when there’s a Pokemon neighborhood

Pokemon Go has established a couple of sensational record in less than a week: Twitter has surpassed the United States as the number of users and broke the porn in daily searches on Google; a pass that has not been seen since the days when adult sites were overcome by the Paper Time snap that showed Kim Kardashian’s butt. Two primates which demonstrate the huge impact that caused the second Nintendo gaming on mobile devices and their future. Even more so when you consider that its success has infected around the world, despite still, officially, the game is only available in four countries: Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. In Italy the game to be released on July 15, although you can get around it: on iOS, by downloading the game from an iTunes account registered in Australia; Android, by installing the version with .apk extension. Just to ride the wave, Nintendo and Niantic, manufacturers of the mobile game, are about to launch the Go Plus Pokemon, a wearable to be connected to your smartphone that allows you to catch even more monsters.

The game is simple: once you register, you open the map of the area in which the player is where all the points of interest are reported: from gyms for fights to Pokéstop, shops where you can find objects or Pokemon. The closer you get to the attractions and points of interest and increase the chances of catching something. The Pokémon Go Plus is a small bracelet that allows you to play even when you’re on the move, without looking at your phone. The device connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and, using LED and vibration, notify game events, such as the appearance of the Pokemon nearby.

When you’re near one of the animals the Plus light will flash at that point to do is press the button to throw a Poké Ball and captured. Similarly wearable flash and vibrate when you sit within a Pokéstop: at that point, just press the button to look for tools and add them automatically to the stock exchange. The expected release date in the US on July 30

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