Pokémon GO recovers from a possible DDoS attack and is working again

If you are having problems during the day to access GO Pokémon, you know that is not your mobile phone, or your connection to your GPS. And no, you have been ejected from the game for spend many hours hunting pokémons. All indications are that are suffering a DDoS attack that would have made can not connect to the application to have saturated its servers. Since Nintendo they have not yet officially confirmed that it is an attack even if they have already put online the game again.

Pokémon GO

Millions of players, some who have gotten the game recently and just emerging in countries like Spain, have difficulties during the day to enter the game and hunt pokémons. As often happens in these cases, cybercriminals have used a time when most players had to attack connected servers and leave no service to anyone who wants to access the application.

The reason, which at first seemed to be a problem in the game servers, aims to be a DDoS attack. At least that concludes the message that has a group of crackers on social networks. Nintendo, for the moment, has not said anything about this alleged attack that would stop hunting pokemons during the weekend. The same group warns that it is only a small test that will make things worse very soon.

The truth is that during the last week have been taking various courts in connection with what all would suggest that there really are too many players and servers would be having problems of service to meet all requests.

Pokemon Go

A small test
The game has come to Spain after several days of waiting, while in the United States has consecrated. Just when most people would be playing, one group seems to have decided it was the perfect time to attack Nintendo servers moment. As discussed above, there is no official confirmation on this, but several tweets claiming the attack and also ensure that only has been a small test run.

The group, called PoodleCorp, has a simple tweet that says PokemonGo and two hashtags, one of them is #Offline. And besides, one of the users who might be a member of the group of crackers, also wanted to rule. “It was just a small test, we’ll do something on a large scale very soon.”

Perhaps this will come to nothing, and simply the servers have not stood the number of users that have accumulated this weekend. In fact, since Pokémon Go ensured that he was working to fix the problem as soon as possible, getting the service lift an hour after the attack. The truth is that many users scattered around the world have struggled all day to access the application normally.

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