Pokémon Go: the problems with Google and the battery consumption

Pokémon Go, the application to play Pokémon on your smartphone using augmented reality, has some compatibility issues with the Google Account used to register and seems to greatly conserve the battery of the cell on which it is installed. Pokémon Go will be available in Italy on July 16, but also by us if they already speak a lot after the great success it has had in the countries where it is already available for several days. In the US, one of the few countries where it is already officially output, it is estimated to have already been downloaded nearly 8 million times. It’s free and start playing it’s easy: just sign up by creating a new Pokémon Trainer Club account or using your Google account. For several days, however, we speak of a privacy and security problem for those who register the app using their Google account from Apple devices: when you do it, Pokémon Go get full access to the many data that Google has on each user (contacts, movement, research done on Chrome, videos watched on YouTube, downloaded apps, Chrome extensions, and so on: all). It is strange that a simple app / game requests access of this type and Niantic Labs – the company that developed Pokémon Go and until 2015 was Google – said it was a mistake and that soon remedy.
Google explains what happens when you allow an app to have “full access” to your account:
The application can view and edit virtually all the information in your Google account (but can not change your password, delete the account, or pay with Google Wallet to your account). Some Google applications may have full access to the account. For example, you may notice that the Google Maps application that you’ve downloaded to your iPhone has full access to the account. This privilege “Full account access” should only be granted to applications you fully trust, and which are installed on your PC, phone or tablet. If you’ve granted full access to an app that does not feel trusted or that you do not recognize, you may want to revoke the authorization by clicking the Revoke Access. [At this link you can control which apps have access to it]
The first to speak of the issue regarding the Google Accounts of those who play Pokémon Go from iOS devices was Adam Reeve, who works for the security company Redowl and said that it is a ‘substantial safety risk’. On July 8, Reeve wrote that there was no evidence that Go Pokémon was planning “a theft of information on a global scale” and that probably it was only a “epic blunder.” Reeve added, however: “I know nothing of the safety of Niantic. I do not know how well they are able to supervise and frankly I do not trust at all. ” The Guardian wrote that Ingress, the game in augmented reality that developed before Niantic Go Pokémon, only required basic information: there are no reasons why Pokémon Go (a game with a lot of principles similar to those of Ingress) may need to more information.
On 11 July Niantic explained to Mashable that it was indeed a mistake made in good faith, that Pokémon Go only accessible to the user name and email ‘and no other information has been taken or set aside. ” Niantic said it is working to solve the problem and that users will not have to do anything, just wait for the app to be updated by itself, becoming one of those who do not have full access to your Google users. In the meantime, the options are two: to wait or cancel your registration. The problem will be solved when the app officially arrive in Italy: there was talk of 15 July but it could also be a few days later.
Another Pokémon Go problem has to do with the large battery consumption: there are no clear data on how much fuel the game (if they can do different uses on different devices, with different batteries) but to get an idea Patrick Allan LifeHacker wrote that his iPhone 6s Plus – “which usually lasts about three days without needing to be loaded” – has gone from 80 to 8 per cent of battery in a few hours in which he played Pokémon Go. it’s understandable: the app uses augmented reality, and thus constantly both the camera and geolocation. Niantic has addressed the issue in a post in which he explains the solutions to some problems of the game, and wrote: “On some devices, the battery drains very quickly. We are working on a solution. ” Waiting for “a solution”, the website Daily Dot gave four straight to reduce battery consumption:
1. Go to “Settings” (Settings) and activate the option “Battery Saver” (Battery Saver)
2. Reduce the brightness of the screen
3. Download the Google maps Mintake area where you live so that GO Pokémon must not be to “look for” every time you move to a new area (back also useful in other cases)
4. Select the option for the battery saving on their smartphones

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