Portabook XMC10

In choosing a new notebook, plays a vital role its portability that – as you know – is related to the diagonal of the screen. Let me explain: a laptop is much lighter and more compact as its screen is small, but it is clear that under such conditions may be less than the convenience of use (although there are exceptions). A device with 10-inch display, for example, provides a keyboard tray of the same size, maybe a little ‘too “close” to those who write a lot or for those with large hands.
Portabook XMC10
The Japanese company Jim King, however, has a solution: Portabook XMC10 is a laptop with 8-inch display HD (1280 x 768 pixels), but has a keyboard with a 12-inch. As? The keyboard folds in half, taking up less space, when the notebook is closed and when you open the cover, simply push the end of the two sides of the keyboard to rotate them and put them together like pieces of a puzzle into a single element. At the center of the keyboard it is then also a trackpoint.

As for the technical configuration, the notebook has an Intel Atom x7-8700, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage eMMC 5.0, WiFi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0, stereo speakers, a USB 2.0, HDMI and VGA, as well as a micro USB port. Portabook XMC10 weighs 816 grams and measures 203 x 152 x 33 mm when closed, while opening the keyboard, tap the 264 x 152 x 33 mm. Its price in the Japanese market, where it will be available from next February, is 90,000 yen (about 740 US dollars). Unlikely his arrival in other countries.

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