PowerColor BIOS RX 480 Devil

PowerColor has made available an optional user Radeon BIOS for your Devil RX 480 is fully unlocked, allowing the holders of these graphs Overclock perform any level they want.

The BIOS is optional and is oriented to advanced users. This not only allows to the core speed and memory at any level, but eliminates any restriction on consumption of the graph and voltage values ​​will be applied. Besides that, obviously if we make a very high to Overclock graphics, temperature and consumption will rise enough, and the noise emitted fans of the RX 480 Devil.

PowerColor also warns a very important thing is that we not use the Furmark application is installed BIOS, as detected with this, even in charts that have not yet been applied Overclock, there is a high risk of suffering a death early. In any case, the manufacturer has made clear that install this BIOS and make high levels of Overclock not invalidate the warranty of the graph. Of all modes eye with this because if you burn a beast too Overclock can put you hit when processing an RMA.

PowerColor BIOS RX 480 Devil

In any case, we applaud the attitude of PowerColor about that “everyone do with its graphical whatever you want” and also without voiding the warranty. So it should always be, and it is a pity that not all manufacturers opt for this policy (remember the controversy regarding NVIDIA’s decision to prevent overclocking their graphics for laptops? Well that).

If you have a PowerColor Radeon RX 480 Devil and want to install this BIOS for high levels of overclocking, knowing the possible consequences it may have, you can download it from the website DevilClub manufacturer (you have to log-yes), where you will also find instructions for unlocked BIOS flash to it in addition to a lot of information, tutorials and marking tools

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