PowerColor Devil Box

PowerColor, a brand we know especially for video cards based on AMD GPUs, began officially selling its Devil Box, essentially an external dock that allows you to connect a desktop GPU in a notebook, all obviously to improve 3D performance.

The device is based on AMD XConnect technology, and is developed in collaboration with Intel and Razer, all taking advantage of the interface Thunderbolt high-performance 3 40 Gbps.

PowerColor Devil Box supports both AMD and Nvidia GPU, especially video cards with a length up to 31 cm, all with the ability to deliver 375 W. In addition to the Thunderbolt connector 3, the box is also equipped with USB 3.1 Type C and 4 doors USB 3.0 standard.

The company in its press speaks of limited supplies, however the price is 419 euros, a figure to which must be added of course the graphics card.

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