Processor Intel Skylake K overclock notebook

With the arrival of new Notebook Skylake microarchitecture, Intel plans to catch up with Broadwell processors and at the same time projecting laptops to new horizons. If before there were well-defined boundaries between notebooks, desktops and servers, with Skylake the boundaries of these categories will become more blurred. Not so much of the phenomenon of convergence between different devices, as a true pitch invasion by mobile PCs that will occupy new roles and out of the usual schemes.

One example is the announcement of the first Intel Xeon processors for notebooks, which as we all know are traditionally used in servers and workstations. They existed server portable as the Getac X500 but the novelty is that now they will have the dedicated processors.
Processori Intel Skylake K overclock notebook
MSI notebook with Intel Skylake
But there are also new developments regarding the balance between desktop and notebook computers, because the recent IDF 2015 San Francisco, Kirk Skaugen of Intel said that by the end of 2015 will be released mobile versions of Intel Skylake-K overclockable. The announcement was greeted with great satisfaction by the trade press and gamers, but in reality we have no details yet as to justify such enthusiasm.
Overclockable processors for notebooks are not in fact new, and are repeated by Intel at every stage of the tick-tock cadence. With one exception: the current fifth generation of Intel Core aka Broadwell. With processors Broadwell-H Mobile that have been released so late, just days before the debut of the sixth generation of Core CPU Skylake, Intel may have decided to make a generational leap. For now, we do not talk about Broadwell processors for laptops Extreme series and the latest CPUs of this type are the Intel Core and Intel Core i7-4940MX i7-4930MX architecture Haswell fourth generation.

Both are priced for wholesale units above 1000 dollars, at least as high clock frequencies around that can reach 4GHz in Turbo Boost. That’s not all, because these processors can be overclocked by adjusting the clock multiplier, a common mechanism to Intel Extreme series. It is definitely an overclock simpler and less advanced than that supported by Intel processors Skylake K series for the desktop that support not only the overclock through unlocked multiplier up to a maximum of 83X but also overclock the base frequency of BCLK in 1 MHz steps for maximum granularity of performance and thermal profiles. Skylake also debuts with an advanced technology to overclock the memory to get the most out DDR4 modules.

Which of these features will also find on Intel Skylake-K Laptop? At the moment no one has an answer to this question, and it is why we believe it is appropriate to curb the enthusiasm waiting for technical details. We can only imagine that, because of the different needs of mobile PCs in terms of power consumption and heat dissipation,

For now it looks like ASUS, MSI, and the new entry in the field of gaming notebooks EVGA, these CPUs will incorporate into their design. It is notebook that should position midway between gamestation laptops with quad-core mobile standard voltage and handheld game machines with desktop processors, both in terms of performance and in terms of dimensions, creating a class of its own right. Difficult to believe, in fact, that these chips can stay within frames similar to those currently on the market; more likely that they can end up in chassis designed specifically for this purpose and cooling systems more efficient. All fans in the industry expect long gaming notebook with liquid cooling and new processors overclockable could mark the turning point.
The expectations on the new Intel Skylake overclockable notebook are many but not least are the unanswered questions

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