Project Tango

From the first quarter of 2016, Google will rely on partners like Lenovo Project Tango, a project launched in February 2014 with the intention to extend the capabilities of mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – to the three dimensions, “understanding and realizing scale Human space and the movement of the surrounding environment. ”

The details of the partnership will be shown during a special event that the two companies held at CES in Las Vegas on January 7. Is not ruled out any possibility that the Chinese manufacturer announcing the integration of technology developed by Google in one of its next devices with Android operating system.
Project Tango
Lenovo is only the last of the “big names” who has shown interest in the project, after that NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Intel and LG Electronics have offered their cooperation for the development of technology.

The invitation distributed to the press and to professionals focuses on the need for a “common vision for a new tomorrow,” stressing that “mobile devices are to see and navigate the world.”

The event for Lenovo and Google on Project Tango will be held then during the CES 2016 in Las Vegas on January 7.

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