PS4 Pokémon

The PS4 Sony closed the year with excellent sales figures and that is undeniable. The manufacturer has “experimented” with PS4 in various fields, such as creating a PS2 emulator or even allowing PS4 play from PC to Remote Play. What Sony has never played so far is the operating system, but that users are: a group of hackers has already managed to crack the PS4 to install Linux and, in this, an emulator that allows, among other things, playing Pokémon .

It seems that Pokémon is an obsession of hackers, crackers and modders, they seem determined to run your favorite game at all possible platforms. Now it is the turn to Sony PS4, and has been specifically Fail0verflow group who has done it.

And is that as I have already told many times, both the PS4 and Xbox One PCs are basically modified low consumption, and to have the x86 architecture after all are susceptible to change. In this case the group of hackers have managed to install a version of Linux on the PS4, making it fully functional even with its wireless controller. This done, the easy part was to install an emulator to run Pokémon (and other games) in the latest Sony machine.

But it does not end there, and is that according to the creators of this feat can control the game with the Nintendo console connected to the Sony PS4. Not that this is indeed very useful for debunks the background of achievement, but it serves to demonstrate the possibilities of interacting that has the PS4 when treated as a PC. And the most important thing of all is that the hacker group has shown that what makes one PS4 PS4 is just your operating system, and the rest are just additional tools

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