Panasonic is preparing to deploy the projector PT-RZ31K, a DLP 3 chip with Solid Shine technology. The latter consists of a laser light source capable of ensuring a brightness of 31,000 lumens. The resolution is WUXGA (1920 x 1200 pixels in 16:10 format) and the contrast ratio is 20,000: 1. PT-RS30K model with SXGA + resolution will also be available (1440 x 1050 pixels) and a brightness of 30,000 lumens.

The light source Solid Shine provides continuous maintenance-free operation, even on the liquid cooling system. The new model is compatible with all optical Panasonic available for 3 chip DLP projectors.

Among the integrated features we cite the Real Motion Processor at 120 Hz (the motion compensation which makes fast-moving images more fluid), the Detail Clarity Processor 5 (increase the level of detail) and System Daylight View 3 (intensifies the brightness and color in the mapping applications).
Hartmut Kulessa, Panasonic’s European Projector Marketing Manager, said:

¬†Thanks to the dual light source technology, with this new range we eliminate the concept of ‘hot back-up’. Let’s talk about a definite advantage for event production company, which will manage from now more easily deployments involving multiple projectors, having less and less place them in stacking, with significant benefits in terms of saving time and money, but also to increase space available for seating.
Daniela Karakaci, Field Marketing Manager Italy for the Division VSS, added:

 Laser technology undoubtedly represents the future in professional projection, especially in contexts of very high profile. The minimization of the need to intervene on headlamps for the maintenance and the total flexibility provided in the installation phase, as well as the opportunity to use optical already supplied, support our customers in the implementation of high quality projects in many sectors, while optimizing the investment.
The projector PT-RZ31K is available from this month.

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