Qualcomm WiPower

Looking for a smartphone with support for wireless charging? Until now, the only solution is to buy a phone with a plastic frame, because the metal can “interfere” with the basics of wireless charging. But things are about to change.
Qualcomm announced that it has designed a solution that allows you to charge via wireless devices with metal case. The solution, which uses Qualcomm technology WiPower, is designed to be compliant Rezence and becomes the first solution to support wireless charging for devices in metal. The techniques used for the design of the charging device with a metal cover, along with reference designs for the entire suite WiPower are available for manufacturers with licenses WiPower. What does it mean? Just have a charging Rezence to charge a smartphone with the new technology of Qualcomm. Obviously the pad Qi will not work.
The wireless charging technology Qualcomm is effective up to a distance of 5cm
Wireless charging is still not very common but, thanks to the developments of recent years, the industry is taking off. Existing solutions are not yet very efficient, at least not as much as the good old cable, because they lose energy during charging but are certainly more affordable. No need for cables and wires, there is the risk of scratching the smartphone when you try to put him in charge in the dark and the charging becomes a breeze.
The standard Rezence then has a couple of unique solutions, because it allows to recharge the terminal also through interposed surfaces (for example a table) and charging simultaneously more devices up to 22 watts of power.

“Create a wireless charging solution in devices with metal case represents a considerable advance for the entire industry,” said Steve Pazol, General Manager of Wireless Charging, Qualcomm Incorporated. “Today, more and more manufacturers of mobile devices they choose to use metal alloys for the design of its products to provide greater structural strength and, of course, better aesthetics. The engineering advances of QTI slashing major obstacles that were placed in the wireless charging and pave the way for the adoption of this innovative functionality to a growing range of electronic products and application areas.

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