Radeon PRO WX 7100

Next to the Radeon PRO SSG card, which we discussed in this news, AMD announced at Siggraph a new family of video cards targeted at graphics professionals. This is the family of Radeon Pro VX products, currently composed of 3 cards.

Radeon 7100 PRO WX

Radeon 7100 PRO WX: it is the most powerful proposal, with GPU Polaris 10 in declination 32 compute units for a power superior processing to 5 TFLOPs. The allocation of onboard video memory is equal to 8 Gbytes, of 256bit bus.
Radeon 5100 PRO WX: is the proposed mid-range GPU with 28 compute units for a rated power greater than 4 TFLOPs; the provision of onboard video memory is equal to 8 Gbytes, combined with 256bit bus width.
Radeon 4100 PRO WX: it is a small card, compatible with the most compact workstation thanks to the half-height design. Integra 16 compute units, for a stated processing power over 2 TFLOPs; the provision of onboard memory is 4 Gbytes, with 128bit bus width.
radeon_pro_wx_5100.jpg (114028 bytes)
Radeon 5100 PRO WX

Radeon PRO WX 7100 3

Radeon PRO WX 7100 2

Radeon PRO WX

All cards come with 4 Display Port connections, mini type for the Radeon 4100 PRO card WX and standards for the other two cards. The cooling system is generally compact, with a single outline marker slot for all 3 boards so as to facilitate installation in all homes. The technical specifications stated by AMD leave easily understand how these cards are based on the same GPU Polaris corresponding desktop versions: Polaris 10 GPU Radeon PRO WX 7100 and Radeon 5100 PRO WX, while Polaris 11 for the Radeon 4100 PRO card WX.

Radeon 4100 PRO WX

No specific information on prices and availability; for PRO WX 7100 AMD Radeon card indicates a level of less than $ 1,000, while for the marketing period we will have to wait a few weeks.

Among the AMD announcements at Siggraph not even missing a software component: the engine of the FireRender rendering was officially launched under the name of Radeon ProRender, then going to take the Radeon Pro name that AMD wants to use to characterize all those destined products graphics professionals and programming. The rendering tool is offered under an open source license and is part of the initiative GPUOpen, developed by the American company to provide developers with a set of tools needed to better manage the creation and development of new 3D titles.

AMD has Radeon ProRender plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max, Solidworks and Rhino; Short is also expected a specific plugin for Maya. Radeon ProRender is available for Windows, Linux and OS X operating systems and is compatible with video cards and AMD CPUs, as well as with the solutions developed by other manufacturers of CPU and GPU

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