Razer Man’O’War

Since Razer announced the launch of its new Man’O’War headphones, automatically they became its top of the range thanks to its wireless 7.1 sound high quality among other things. Now the manufacturer announces the launch of a wired version that is compatible with all platforms, including Xbox One.

We ourselves could try the Man’O’War Razer and were pleasantly surprised by the excellent wireless performance they provided. Clearly, given the limitations of wireless technology, they were not compatible with the Xbox One, why now the manufacturer launches a version with cable itself is already compatible with all platforms, and the relative advantage that no longer we have to recharge the battery, which in turn makes them a little lighter.


Razer Man’O’War

Still, they maintain the same characteristics as the original except, of course, your wireless receiver. The same speakers feature Neodymium magnet 50 mm in diameter allowing enjoy 7.1 virtual surround sound that can be customized through software. Furthermore, with its closed circumaural design very well insulated from outside noise, and so it remains retractable microphone. Another difference is that now the volume control are in a control console on the cable rather than earmuff.

They also include a USB converter that allows ManO’War 7.1 Razer can change digital audio to analog, digital offering compatibility with PC and Mac systems and analog connection allows compatibility with Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Another good part is that this version is slightly cheaper, as the price recommended by the manufacturer (and which we find in the online store Razer) is 134.99 euros. They will be available from this month September

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