Razer Stargazer

At CES 2016, Razer unveiled the Razer desktop webcam Stargazer. It is offering the best quality video capture currently available for the camera and simplifies the traditional settings of streaming.
The first device of its type suitable for the production of high quality content for streaming, Razer Stargazer is a revolution in the use of webcams. Sets a new standard for video capture, with 60 frames per second at 720p, significantly better than the limit of 30 frames per second of webcam common, and can provide high-definition video to 1080p at 30 frames per second. Stargazer Razer also offers a dual-microphone array with automatic elimination of noise.

Razer Stargazer

Based on Intel RealSense room SR300, Razer Stargazer is also equipped with next generation features that exceed the limits immediately typical webcams consumer level. The Dynamic Background Removal Razer Stargazer eliminates the need amps green backdrops typically used by those who make streaming. Technology RealSense webcam allows the room to perceive depth in order to separate the foreground and background. This feature is perfect for broadcasting software known as OBS, XSplit and Razer Cortex: Gamecaster.
Using Skype with Personify for the video conference will be also possible to remove or exchange the backgrounds. Even FaceRig, QQ ooVoo Video and are supported by the chamber. 3D scanning of faces and objects is effective immediately, so that users can resume thoroughly real objects in full HD. This is another opportunity for the development of games, because the 3D scans can be acquired quickly integrate directly into engine development such as Unity.

Razer Stargazer

With the ability to recognize up to 78 points on the face and 22 points on each hand, Stargazer Razer also offers the advanced capabilities of facial recognition and gestures available on a room consumer. With the advent of this sensor, users can unlock their computer thanks to the security system facial Windows Hello, launch applications with a simple gesture and run games based on facial recognition and the hand movements, like Nevermind and Laserlife with a new level of involvement.
Razer Stargazer enriches the already comprehensive range of Razer hardware for streaming – including microphones Razer Seiren Seiren and pro and its accessories – and will be available in Q2 2016 to EUR 239.99. A limited amount of units will be made available free of charge from Razer some streamers through its Streamer Sponsored Program.
Product Features
High acquisition of 60 frames per second optimized for streaming (720p max)
HD video capture maximum 1080p
Dual microphone array with noise cancellation automatic
Dynamic Background Removal
3D scanning
Facial recognition / gestures
Flexible clip for laptops and desktops
System requirements:
Intel Core (Skylake)
USB 3.0 connectivity
Windows 10

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