RIVERSONG fitness tracker

What an effort getting into shape for the beach! Diets and exercise programs are more or less effective and follow the trend of the moment but there is a hi-tech gadget that may help you. We talk about the wristband Riversong, a bracelet for fitness that offers as many as 10 functions at the price of only € 34.99 on Amazon, including shipping and no customs fees that instead when you buy from Chinese e-commerce have to put into account.

Before talking about the features of smartband Riversong But we also touch upon the design: The hypoallergenic rubber bracelet is available in 6 different colors (blue, black, orange, green and purple) and is provided with a metal closure that allows the regulation of different positions to fit perfectly on any pulse (ranging from a minimum of 14cm to a maximum of 19cm in diameter). It obviously sweats resistant to dust and rain, so you can wear it safely in your training sessions both indoor and outdoor.
RIVERSONG fitness tracker  2

RIVERSONG fitness tracker
The smartband Riversong has a price of only 34,99 €
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On the front there is a tracker with OLED display that provides a crisp, easy to read in all lighting conditions. Also the screen is equipped with touch for a more simple and immediate interaction and there is also to be notified by vibration, both features absent in many smartband and supported instead by Riversong. And if you have your hands full, or wear gloves, you can control the display without even having to touch it: simply lift the wrist to 90 degrees and the screen will light up immediately.

But are instead specifically to features fitness, the most important is the Heart Rate Monitor, which is essential for proper and effective physical activity, but there are other features that make this 9 smartband a perfect training partner: pedometer, monitoring of sleep and sedentary activity, calorie counting, SMS notifications and calls, alarm clock, phone search using “find Your phone” and remote control of the phone room.
Heart Rate Monitor on smartband RVERSONG

The smartband features up to four days in case of use or 10.7 days of standby time, is charged via a special USB power cable with magnetic pogo-pin connector and communicates via Bluetooth 4.0 with Android 4.4 smartphone or higher or iPhone with iOS 7.1 or higher. For the management of the device and to keep a record of daily activities just install the app VeryFit.
With its bright colors, wide compatibility, enhanced features that include the heart rate monitor and monitoring of sleep, and the price of only 34,99 EUR it is easy to predict that the Riversong bracelet will be a must for the summer 2016 .

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