Roccat Renga

Roccat, the German manufacturer leader in the design and manufacture of peripherals for players of all abilities, has presented its new Roccat Renga stereo headphones. Renga is the Roccat vision of what should be a stereo headset configuration for games “over the ear” studio quality to create the ultimate audio experience for gamers.

With cross-platform support, the support not only personal computers, but also to major consoles and mobile devices, new Roccat Renga joined on-ear design with speaker units 50 mm to optimally aligned ensures maximum comfort and a deep and powerful bass, you need to enable its users to focus their attention absolutely in the game. Reinforced carcass structure provides the framework for a very comfortable experience with head headband and ergonomic ear pads. Perfect for games, playing music, movies and more, Renga is developed for players who demand the highest level of perfection in your headset.

The arsenal of authentic player is not complete without a set of stereo headphones with studio quality playback of soundtracks, and new Roccat Renga is the perfect tool. It has not been cut or the least in terms of audio quality, the sound units 50 mm headphones that provide crisp highs and deep, powerful bass. Optimal alignment of neodymium magnets ensures experience and dynamic surround audio to 100% concentration on the game. No distractions, no lapses in concentration.

Adequate ventilation to the ear, an ergonomic headband and plush pillows combine to provide a remarkable level of comfort. Suitable for countless hours of continuous use, the Renga makes its users feel as if embers using a headset at all. In fact, it is 30% lighter than competing headphones! But do not let the comfort fool you as pillow, new Roccat Renga are headphones that are built with the toughest materials. Using a solid structure reinforced casing, it is designed to permanently use the most enthusiastic player.

Renga new Roccat headphones are built based on the philosophy of Roccat be prepared for the future, ie, experience with these headphones is not limited to the PC. According to its users the out of the box, the exceptional sound of Renga is compatible with controllers PlayStation 4 and Xbox One featuring a 3.5mm headphone jack, as well as phones and tablets. With the use of adapters widely available, the headset can also be used with the Wii U and many other popular devices.

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