Roccat Skeltr

Every player knows that few things bother more to lose concentration you are playing the game by having to take care of other issues. Say goodbye to having to switch between the device and the computer and having to interrupt the game to answer text messages and welcomes the keyboard that allows you to dominate worlds. Roccat welcomes Skeltr.

The Roccat Skeltr is the keyboard with full functionality that connects your peripherals and your mobile device, creating an unstoppable force of gaming. Device integration leads to a new level, because it unifies control to include your mobile phone or tablet and puts them in front of all battles.

Roccat Skeltr

The greatest challenge posed by the integration of a mobile device on a keyboard whose main use is the gaming is where to put the mobile device. The market for keyboards with integrated mobile or tablets is full of ports and supports products that meet and barely made of cheap plastic parts that break easily. No thanks. To overcome this challenge, Roccat has decided to create a slot coupling devices that are camouflaged in the rear of the keyboard. This slot is compatible with almost all mobile devices on the market and has no moving parts that can break easily with daily use of the keyboard.

Increased computing power of mobile devices has made that more and more games for you that programmers have developed complementary applications. The phones are here to stay and Skeltr allows you to extract the most out just putting mobile or tablet in a privileged position of your gaming experience. The Power-Grid application Roccat is only the beginning, since it functions as an advanced and fully customizable remote computer, allowing connection from the computer software, monitor it and control it. It is perfect for Skeltr.

With Skeltr, the need to take your mobile device while playing is not removed. Or for messages, or for calls. With a smartphone and a Skeltr connected to headphones, you can accept calls through the headset without interruption. To do this, simply press the call button.

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