Rufus Cuff

So far we have seen that smarpthones were increasingly taking the larger screen, giving way to the emergence of phablets. A process is now also being produced in smart watches. An example of this is the Rufus Cuff model, which has been created by Rufus Lab, which so far is the device with the screen being larger than three inches. Thus was born the phablet watches.

Rufus Cuff 2

Rufus Cuff


Rufus Cuff is launched as the largest to have a 3.2 inch screen smart watch. But it is not the only feature that makes it different. And this model can also function as a telephone and includes various functions for monitoring activities.

This watch has a clever internal storage capacity of up to 64 GB and has a front camera for photos and videos. Other components are the GPS, integrated speakerphone, dual microphones, support for Bluetooth and WiFi connection. The battery is 1175 mAh. The clock can be used with iPhone, but running Android KitKat.

Rufus Cuff


Simple and dynamic lines, its design is striking the large screen, it covers a large part of the wrist. It is released in three colors: white, black or burgundy.

Price and Availability

Rufus Cuff is scheduled to be launched to the market in 2016. For now, you can make a reservation through the website or through the Indiegogo the campaign to get financing and make it a reality was launched.

The price is around $ 249, although it is for the basic version, since the smart watch will be launched in three models that differ in their storage capacity, making it possible to choose between 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB

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