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Last year the Korean company Samsung presented at the IFA its new Samsung washing machines AddWash. The company had managed to solve the typical problem of forgetting a garment out of the washing machine, including a door on the front that allows you to include clothing once it has started the wash cycle and add extra fabric softener. A year later, the AddWash washing machines seem to have triumphed among users, so the company has decided to launch two new lines that include this feature. On one side are the new wash-dryers AddWash and on the other hand have a new line called Slim, which offers a smaller depth to accommodate other living spaces. Let’s review its features.

According to a survey conducted by Samsung itself, 92% of users who have bought a washing machine AddWash is delighted with the extra door that incorporates. Based on these data, the company has decided to expand the family of washers AddWash. On the one hand we have a new range of washing and drying AddWash, which shall consist of the Series 5 and 6. In addition to the mentioned door AddWash, these washers include Air Wash function, which uses hot air to deodorize and disinfect clothes , freshening clothes without water or detergents if all you want is to remove any smell of the garment.

Samsung AddWash 3

Samsung AddWash 2

Samsung AddWash

Samsung WD90K6400OW

Series 5 has a capacity of 8kg washing and drying 6kg, can set the washer to wash and dry clothes without pause, feature the company calls Non-Stop. EcoBubble also includes technology which accelerates the process of converting the detergent in the detergent bubbles by mixing air and water. This feature makes it easy to remove dirt and protect tissues.

This range has energy class category A, which ensures minimum consumption. It also includes some innovative features such as pre-wash of bubbles and Digital Inverter engine that provides greater reliability and a very low noise level.

On the other hand, the company also announced a new washing machines featuring a design with less depth. The new line Slim has three variants: Series 4, 5 and 6, and offer capacities of 6, 7, 8 or even 9 kg. This new range with reduced fund will install the washer in galleries, terraces or auxiliary rooms.


Despite being shallower, EcoBubble also have the technology and the prewash of Bubbles, which will deal thoroughly dirty clothes with bubbles before launching the normal wash cycle. These models also feature Digital Inverter Motor, which provides a much lower noise performance and superior energy efficiency. Besides these washers incorporate Samsung Smart Check, which automatically detects and diagnoses problems and provides tips to resolve them through a simple application for smartphones function.

At the moment we have no prices or release dates of these new models, so we’ll have to wait to see if they are announced during the IFA this year.

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