Samsung CFG70

Samsung has announced the worldwide launch of the new Samsung CFG70, a monitor with curved screen that inherits the Quantum Dot technology company TVs. A monitor intended for gamer world and is available in 24 and 27 inches, getting a sRGB color spectrum of 125% and a contrast ratio of 3,000: 1. A monitor that, thanks to the aforementioned Quantum Dot technology, is able to show a more vivid and realistic image, improving the color levels and getting a deep black. Let’s review what we can offer the Samsung CFG70.

The Samsung CFG70 is the new commitment of curved monitors the Korean company. It is available with VA with curvature 1.800R and two diagonals, 24 and 27 inch panel. It offers as big news, in addition to the aforementioned curve, incorporating the Quantum Dot Color TVs found in high-end Samsung technology. The Quantum Dot displays detail and accuracy reproduce the full spectrum of color. They use small particles of quantum dots as light sources that generate millions of combinations of colors to achieve a realistic effect. This technology creates pure and accurate colors, offering a much more realistic images. Now the Korean company has decided to include this technology in its new monitor.

Samsung CFG70


As we mentioned, it is a world gamer oriented monitor, so it has many details that surely will appeal to this audience. It offers a quite spectacular design, with a base that includes a kind of arm in the back that allow us to move the monitor up to 20 degrees of tilt and 20 degrees of rotation to one side and another. At the bottom of the monitor it includes an LED system that will adapt to the sound being played, so metiƩndonos even more in the game. The menu system monitor menus mimics a futuristic FPS game and is controlled by a kind of stick at the back of the monitor.

In addition to these gamer details in the design, the Samsung CFG70 offers, thanks to the combination of technology to reduce blur moving images Samsung and VA panel, a response time of 1 ms MPRT. A low MPRT data assumes that the screen transitions between movement and animated objects are smaller, thus eliminating any visual defects.

Samsung CFG70

The Samsung CFG70 FreeSync AMD integrates technology, thanks to which obtains a refresh rate of 144 Hz when combined with AMD graphics cards. This minimizes wear connectivity image, latency and even eyestrain.

The new Samsung monitor includes several preset video modes, adapted to the type of game you are playing. We supported modes with games FPS, RTS, RPG and AOS. Each of these modes is calibrated specifically for this type of game, adjusting contrast, gamma levels, black levels, improving brightness levels and adjusting white balance. The idea is that players get the best possible image, whatever the type of game you are playing.

The Samsung CFG70 will soon be available in specialty stores, although the company still has not provided the price that will go on sale.

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