Samsung Curved Monitor CF390 and CF591

Samsung is not new to the events dedicated to the world of gaming, it is proof of the creation of the Samsung Arena in Milan, where on June 23 took place the presentation of the two new curved monitor the South Korean home designed precisely to meet the needs of gamers.

But let’s start first with the look a bit ‘data relating to Samsung the world and the role that the company plays in the vast technology market. Samsung, in addition to the most famous displays, televisions or smartphones, develops in many other fields, starting from semiconductors to financial services and heavy machinery. The South Korean company sells (globally) more than one million smartphones per day, giving it the title of number one in market share in the world. The basic idea of ​​the company is to focus on product quality to offer the best to the public with a modern and pleasant design. To do all this Samsung spends $ 33 million a day in research and development leading to the registration of numerous patents per year (are second in the world for number), that focus in recent times in the development of products “smart”.

Samsung Curved Monitor CF390 and CF591

the specifications

In detail, the new curved monitors designed by Samsung, with these guidelines in mind, are the model CF390 and CF591 model. Daniel Patino, head of Samsung monitors Italy, explains how these two models are designed to offer excellent performance with a beautiful design that is also technologically intuitive. The curved monitors enhance comfort to the eye and in this case the curvature brought to 1800R (Radius), much more pronounced compared to other monitors on the market, it proves to be optimal for the view that does not get tired with prolonged gaming sessions.

The CF390 (24 and 27 inches) and CF591 (only 27 “) reaches a resolution of 1920 × 1080 at 60Hz, not as high as you would expect for gaming, but that is compensated by a dynamic contrast of 3000: 1 that amplifies the blacks and the whites returning excellent images in sharpness and brightness and a response time of 4 ms response; Also these monitors reduce the effect of the blue on the screen avoiding eye fatigue. In favor of the gamer these two monitors were “equipped” with FreeSync (thus optimizing for AMD graphics cards) and with the GameMode which together reduce the input lag and interference noises, being provided with output for headphones and integrated speakers (these only for the CF591 model).

Our test

We have observed, during the event, the quality of monitors and experience firsthand the feeling you have when you play. The title made available by Samsung for the test was the new Blizzard game “Overwatch” performed on an Xbox One. Contrary to what one might think, once you sit in front of the screen do not notice in the least to be in front of a curved screen, but to a normal screen. The curvature of the screen offers many advantages, such as the angle of much broader vision that gives a greater sense of depth. The Game Mode allows the monitor to capture sudden change the image and then adjust the focus and improve the quality of the colors. During the game there has been the quality of play image that could not be the maximum, because the resolution of the console often in frantic situations struggling to keep the 1080p. Despite this small external fault, the monitor has behaved very well, leaving us satisfied and fascinated. The real potential of this monitor, however, must be tested in time, since, as said before, reduces eye fatigue during the game sessions.


In short, the Samsung CF390 and CF591 are excellent monitors that offer a good quality / price ratio (we speak of 179.99 euro for the CF390 24 “, € 229.99 for the 27” and about 300 for the 27 “CF591 ). In addition to their minimalist design makes them almost borderless, they also bring benefit to players over long sessions allowing you to avoid eye fatigue which is therefore more responsive, thanks to the best peripheral vision. We were blown away by the color performance of these products and do not expect anything but try to the best of their ability on a PC as a real gaming, maybe with different games like League of Legends, CS: GO or maybe some openworld.

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