Samsung Family Hub

The refrigerator of the future. Samsung has officially unveiled its Family Hub, a fridge that you want to change forever the way you manage to keep food in the fridge. This appliance will have a huge 21.5-inch touch screen (the size it is, for example, many office monitors). Does your utility? On the one hand, show all foods that keep inside without opening the refrigerator. But we also show other details such as time, calendar appointments or even the shopping list. We can also synchronize the fridge with your smartphone, so the fridge send alerts us when we walk short of butter or milk. And even we can make the purchase directly from the missing products. At the moment we have no data on price or release date of this refrigerator. We tell its main features.

Samsung Family Hub

This will be the year of the Internet of Things. Connected devices pick run, and show us how to be our home in the very near future. The Samsung Family Hub is a smart refrigerator that incorporates a key feature. A touch screen with a size of 21.5 inches and full HD resolution of 1080p. That is, the same format have many monitors office. This large screen will be combined with several cameras inside the device. As a result, users can find foods that have saved without opening the refrigerator door. In addition, it also allows the refrigerator keep a tally of the food, so if we begin to be short of milk or eggs we send a notice to repongamos stocks.

Samsung Refrigerator

Through this screen you can also access other features. For example, you can open the calendar for upcoming appointments and set reminders to sound an alarm when the event will happen. Or change the traditional notes we have with magnets on the refrigerator door by digital notes that appear on the big screen. Samsung will also introduce an app to know the time of our city. And with the microphone key, we can interact with refrigerator directly through voice, which opens up a new world of possibilities in our relationship with a key of our home appliances.

Along with these features, it is noteworthy the possibility of connecting the Samsung Family Hub directly with our smartphone through a dedicated app. As a result we will have the opportunity to meet the food we have stored remotely, for example when we are next door to a supermarket thinking what to buy. In addition, alerts for lack of certain products can reach us directly to the smartphone. And all with a sleek, modern design that follows the line of premium brand appliances. For now, Samsung has offered no details on price or release date of this curious fridge touchscreen.

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