Samsung Gaia

2016 will be the year of the confirmation of the Internet of Things. A world in which most of our electronic devices are connected to each other and adapted to our preferences and routines. Samsung want their televisions to be the center of this universe. But he understands the dangers that can lead to the proliferation of devices that can be hacked. To address this challenge, the company has announced it will deploy a security solution called Samsung Gaia. This solution will be available in its 2016 Smart TV and protect the user in three different layers: creating a secure virtual area (in a similar way KNOX) for our private data, encrypting data between the TV and the server handles devices and tightening security at the hardware level separating the spaces where information is separated. We tell you all the details.

Samsung Gaia

The Smart TV Samsung 2016 TVs are emerging increasingly. What seems clear at this point is that the so-called Internet of Things will play a key role in smart TVs of next year. The Korean company has already announced that their models SUHD SmartThings use the platform to control all connected devices: coffee, termostastos, surveillance cameras, motion sensors … So to the 200 devices that are already compatible with the technology of the company . And now announces a key reinforcement in security level. Samsung Gaia.

The Samsung security solution goes a step further to serve as a firewall to the Internet of Things, and which also enhances the security of our personal data. The Smart TV have become an increasingly succulent target for cybercriminals. Samsung Gaia is structured into three points to protect the user. First, this program creates a separate virtual space to protect our private data. To access it you enter a password using the virtual keyboard on the screen will be used. As he explains, it appears to be similar to using the platform KNOX mobile and tablets Samsung high-end performance.

Samsung Smart TV

Second, Samsung Gaia encrypted communication that takes place between the TV and the server for controlling the connected devices (Internet of Things). In addition, its anti-malware tool detects any attempt to hack this process and blocks it before it can damage the TV. Finally, this platform also enhanced security at the hardware level. Items that are stored in public space and private space are stored separately in two parts of Tizen OS. In addition, the public key used to verify your personal information is housed in the chip hardware. Samsung is likely to give us more details on its 2016 TVs in the coming days.

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