Samsung Galaxy C9

Samsung machinery when launching new devices is almost unstoppable, and therefore has become the manufacturer has more Android devices on the market with a product range which is actually widely. Well, a new model is closer to being a reality, the Samsung Galaxy C9. One of its distinguishing features is its large screen.

This new device with Android operating system, it belongs to the Galaxy range, come with a panel of no less than 6 inches, so it will be part of the phablets and is intended for users who like device large (which they are becoming more). But there is one detail that is interesting to know here, and it is none other than the panel will use the Samsung Galaxy C9 will SuperAMOLED type, so we’re talking about a high quality-and we’ll see if price-.

AMOLED galaxy s7
Samsung Galaxy C9
Another detail that appears quite clear is that the amount of RAM that will be heading is 3 or 4 GB of RAM, so we talk about a model that will be among the best in the midrange as the screen resolution above all it aims to be Full HD. By the way, the processor has not known anything at the moment, but think of a Snapdragon 617 is the most logical, if one takes into account that is used by the Samsung Galaxy C5.

Samsung Galaxy C5 presented, the mid-range with 4 GB of RAM
The Samsung Galaxy C9 will be very full
And an example of what we say is that the terminal, which will offer a design that will present the metal, come with reader integrated fingerprint (this is logical if one takes into account that it is expected that by 2017 is expected to 70% of the terminals that are offered for sale include this accessory). In addition, LTE will support the game, something that in the times could not miss.

Samsung Galaxy C5 in pink

First real images of the Samsung Galaxy C5
Given that the Samsung Galaxy C9 will have a 32GB storage expandable, it seems that this model with very large screen can become an attractive possibility for phablets lovers who do not want access to Note 7. Of course, first currently the country in which they will sell the terminale is China, then possibly make the leap to other regions.

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