Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Price USD $849.99

Samsung debuts Tuesday the new terminal of the Note range, the phablet that incorporates an electronic pen that is distinctive of the Korean brand. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 arrives in the month of August with two unique features: iris recognition, used to unlock the phone or password for any application with just a glance at the screen; and S Pen or pen waterproof, capable of writing even on the surface of the wet screen.

The South Korean firm has ceased to be the eternal second luxury in the field of smartphones after beating sales for the first time the Apple iPhone with its Galaxy S7 range. And he knows that defending the top of the podium is more complicated than conquer it and therefore wanted to give a special emphasis to its new Note incorporating the design, features and even the name of the Galaxy 7.

As they noted in a spectacular simultaneous presentation in London and New York, the Note 7 aims to become a productivity tool for executives or employees who not enough for them screen mobile and want something bigger and more effective, but also incorporating features of entertainment, because executives also entertain killed their time with video games and take pictures.

As a working tool, the Note 7 greatly improves safety. A facility to activate the terminal with fingerprint, it now adds iris scanner, a unique feature of each person is unchanged from 18 years. Once the mobile performs the iris pattern, the user can set the screen unlock just by looking. Activation is even faster microsegundos- -in that through the footprint, and works well with glasses and lenses always be transparent.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 7
The S Pen features a translation function words.
This new security tool also serves as a password only for applications such as mobile payment or the new secure folder (secure folder), where you can store virtual documents with sensitive information such as credit cards (incorporated payment system for mobile Samsung Pay ), passports, identity cards, badges and so on. This is just another novelty of Note 7 and even let you open the mobile, it is also accurate with the iris open this folder.

Samsung is not the first brand that equips its phones with the iris scanner. ZTE has already done with its Grand S3 in 2015 and other manufacturers followed suit. But the pull of the world-leader Korean brand sales- help popularize this new biometric recognition.

 The Note 7 is submersible and the S Pen writes on wet surface.

S Pen improvements

Undoubtedly, the distinctive element of Note 7 is the S Pen and Samsung has care improvements noticeable stylus. The most important is its precision. Doubling the levels of pressure (from 2048-4096), the electronic pen completely mimics the physical writing with a pen pen on paper, and can function as a pencil or paintbrush.

Although the showiest new feature is the ability of the S Pen to write on the wet screen, a feature that can be very useful on rainy days or for athletes who have to deal with the sweat to use the phone while exercisers .The touch screen also works even if water and can interact with her finger, from browsing a web page into an application.

Other innovative features are the magnifying glass that allows the Spen automatically enlarge an area of ​​the screen placed just above it, without touching it. The translation, in the same way, translates a word of a web or a document placing the S Pen above. And capture GIF, for which you can cut and edit videos directly, without any external application, to stay with the images or details that interest us, and send in video clips up to 15 seconds.

Regarding the entertainment, the Note is the first mobile capable of playing videos as HDR or high dynamic range, a standard that surpasses high definition, and can distinguish scenes in which the amount of light is very different in some areas and others . At the moment, only Netflix and Amazon have some videos in catalog contained in this new mode, but Samsung says it also improves the quality of normal videos.

Symmetrical design with double curved edge

In terms of design, the Note 7 completely takes the form of Galaxy S7 Edge, but betting on the symmetry incorporating the now famous curved edge on both sides of the screen. It also improves resistance to all kinds of accidents because, besides the scratch and shock resistant screen (Gorilla Glass 5), the aluminum body is 30% more impact resistant and 20% more scratch your S7 brother. As this is also submersible in one meter and a half deep for half an hour (IP68 certification) as well as the S Pen, which is sealed with silicone to make it waterproof.

The rest of the technical characteristics are identical to S7 and its Plus version. 5.7-inch screen 12 megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel front with large pixel a 56%, which allows a more brilliant photos 95%. The camera aperture is f / 1.7 (greater than both the iPhone 6S has a maximum aperture of f / 2.2), ideal for shooting much better in low-light environments.

The Note 7 also includes the always on display (always ready), a technology that allows the user to view the time, time, calendar and the most important notifications even if the mobile is locked, without increasing battery consumption.

The battery is also enhanced to 3,500 milliamps, allowing you to play for 13 hours straight a video in high definition, and keep the phone on without charge for normal use of more than one day, and loads quickly through the new port USB type C.

The new Galaxy Note 7 Octacore carry a Exynos 8890 processor with 4 cores at 2.3 GHz and 1.6 GHz four to incorporate a liquid cooling system through tiny inner pipes. Work with the latest version of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. They come with 4 gigabytes of RAM internal memory of 64 GB, expandable with microSD card, up to 200GB, thanks to a dual hybrid slot in which is also inserted the SIM card.

In principle, Note 7 marketed in Europe from September 2 in three colors: silver, black and coral blue, a new color specially created for this terminal, although not rule out also include gold. The price has not been disclosed but not lower than 800 euros. Unlike Note 5 which are only marketed in the United States, Note 7 (there was no Note 6) will be sold worldwide.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 will be available for pre-purchase in Spain from August 16, and for customers who made this pre-purchase in online stores and the website will receive as a gift Samsung new virtual reality glasses

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