Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini

The upcoming launch of Samsung has a name. The Samsung Galaxy Mini S6 has leaked from an online store, leaving exposed some of its key features. This model would be a compact version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 with a Super AMOLED screen of 4.6 inch, six-core processor at 1.8 GHz and 2 GB of RAM and Android 5.1 version Lollipop. But the highlight of this phone would be a rear camera with a resolution of 15 megapixels that would bring a very high yield. For now it’s just a leak. Let’s wait a few days to see if crystallized in an official release.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini
The Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini would bring a set of features mid-range and a more compact size as the star of the brand teams. Yes, it appears that lines remain the same design as the leading models of this 2015 with the combined use of glass in the front and rear and metal on the sides. In terms of screen size, Samsung bet on the 4.6 inches. This compact format is similar to the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. The panel would type Super AMOLED, which would allow us to enjoy a more vibrant colors and excellent brightness. What has not been filtered in the store is the resolution that would achieve this model.

In the field of power, the Samsung Galaxy Mini S6 would have a powerful processor, but a step below the top models. We are talking about a six-core chip with a power of 1.8 GHz per core, along with a RAM of 2 GB. It is an entity capable of running most apps and games from the Android platform, but the RAM 2 GB we can be rather short if we are used to having many open processes simultaneously. The internal memory of S6 Mini up to 16 GB, sufficient capacity but is likely to have to dip into MicroSD memory card if we make more intensive use of the camera.

And one of the key points of this terminal would be your rear camera with a resolution of 15 megapixels. It is hoped that this goal gives us a remarkable performance when taking pictures. On the front we would have 5 megapixel camera designed for selfies and to use videoconferencing apps.

The chosen operating system Android 5.1 would Lollipop. It seems that will have to wait a while to bet Samsung launches the latest version of Android in June Marshmallow. However, we can enjoy most of the features of this platform with a remodeled with the round icons and a big bet on the color design. Should this leak was authentic, the Samsung Galaxy Mini S6 should take a little time to hit the market. Keep in mind that in a few months the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected, so do not seem very logical to S6 Mini version a few weeks before the release of a new version.

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