Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 5 Flexible OLED-Displays

Samsung’s display division has been working for some time successfully with or on flexible OLED panels. The latest product in which these efforts come to fruition, the Galaxy S6 Edge. A recent report by the South Korean publication ETNews, the demand for this very S6 Edge is now to be so high that the Samsung executives want to put more than ever on the bendable screens in the next generation of high-end smartphones.

The question raised by the South Korean publication in the room popularity of the Galaxy S6 Edge in preorder is somewhat surprising, since it is still sold considerably more expensive than its sister model, the Galaxy S 6. Presumably, however, the S6 Edge comes easy credit, it simply represents something special in direct comparison to the strong competition in the market due to its unusual display. ETNews according to Samsung currently produce more than S6 Edge originally planned, because the demand is so high.

Not surprisingly, seems to have woken up but new demands within Samsung’s fast this emerging sales success. So should the leadership of the South Korean electronics giants have already arranged to focus on upcoming high-end smartphones more on so-called flexible OLED displays. The technical and organizational requirements to produce significantly more such screens in the near future can be created by ETNews at the moment. Until the beginning of the series production of the putative Galaxy S7 end of 2015 / beginning of 2016. Samsung will then be able to make up to 8 million flexible displays per month are launched. At the same time allows the assumption that the S7 is perhaps appear only in one version with a curved display.

Is the information of ETNews correctly, Samsung fans have but probably not even wait until the launch of the Galaxy S7 to get another high-end smartphone with a curved screen of the South Koreans. According to the report could also be the Galaxy Note 5, which is expected in the second half of 2015 have a flexible OLED display, or at least one of the proposed designs. More technical details for Note-4-successors are so far but unfortunately not known.

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