Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge+

Although less than half a year ago that Samsung officially unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S6 + Edge, they have already begun to emerge the first rumors about his predecessor. Some features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge + have been leaked on the net. If these leaks are confirmed, we would be facing a terminal repeats panel size 5.7 inch Quad HD resolution. Where if there was difference it is in the rear chamber. The Korean company reduce lens resolution at 13 megapixels (compared to 16 megapixels), but use a plus size sensor to capture better pictures. Furthermore, this device would bet on when Qualcomm introduced Snapdragon Qualcomm chip 820. It is expected that the Asian firm to launch later this team together other models Samsung Galaxy S7, so we could see this team on the market after the first quarter.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge+

Slowly we approach the launch of the new generation of Samsung Galaxy S. It is still early, so it is possible that the final result varies quite respect to the first information. A leak in the network allows us to give a first look at who could be the new Samsung Galaxy Edge + S7. This terminal would keep the same format as its predecessor, with the use of a screen that curves on the sides to create a truly unique use. The size of the panel would rise to 5.7 inches, with a Quad HD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. It is the same level of detail that looks the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +, with a density of 515 dots per inch. While it is true that not enough density Z5 Sony Xperia Premium, this detail is more than enough to enjoy all kinds of multimedia content.

Specifications Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge +

One of the major developments that we could bring this phone would be in the rear chamber. The list of specifications discovers a 12.2-megapixel rear camera (probably 13 megapixels). This resolution would be below the 16 megapixel goal last year, but was offset by a sensor larger to get some pictures with higher quality. On the front we would find a camera with 5 megapixel resolution to take selfies and use apps like Skype or videoconferencing Hangouts.

This model would bring a Qualcomm processor after the commitment of Samsung’s own Exynos chips in 2015. In particular, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge + incorporate a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, quad-core with a power of 2.2 GHz core. This chip would be combined with a RAM of 4 GB for a very high performance in all Android apps and games. Other features expected in this team would include a Force Touch screen technology to analyze the level of pressure that is performed on the panel or a fingerprint reader. Samsung is expected to present its new generation of Samsung Galaxy S7 sometime in the first quarter.

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