Samsung Galaxy S7

According to a report of a Korean newspaper Samsung is in planned for the first quarter 2016 Galaxy smartphones S7 no major changes to the design to make compared to the then newly developed S6 series. Now it wants to make the S7 devices competitive with more performance, higher quality and more features – and at the same time save costs.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The major smart phone manufacturers come under increasing pressure from the numerous emerging Chinese manufacturers and so margins are falling. A new development of the design, however, is associated with high costs. Instead, Samsung will concentrate in the Galaxy series S7, according to Korean sources to “inner values”. Compared to the S6 smartphones S7 models will have a higher image quality, higher performance and some new feature, the picture quality probably affect both the display as well as the cameras. “Because smartphones have already become a commodity, you do not have to invest more in the major overhaul of the exterior design,” a Korean source is quoted.
One may also have oriented to Apple that still reap the highest profits of all smartphone providers and change the design of the iPhone seldom radically.

It is currently assumed that the Samsung Galaxy smartphones S7 will be officially introduced at the Mobile World Congress in late February in Barcelona.

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