Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the new smartphone of the South Koreans who will be out probably next MWC 2017 in Barcelona to be held in February. The first entries in the data sheet and hardware speak of a possible installation of a screen resolution 4K thus well beyond the current Quad HD, specifically for content in the virtual reality and accessories such as Samsung Galaxy next generation VR. With such a high quality, these contents will be able to be displayed to the best of their ability, for a total immersion within what you are watching. There is an interesting detail: it will only version Edge ie screen with rounded edges, farewell flat version.

Samsung Galaxy S8
The future is already around? No, but it’s in the laboratories of the main modern technology companies such as Samsung, in fact, it is already preparing for a long time the new Samsung Galaxy S8 that the smart phone can go even beyond the already very powerful Samsung Galaxy S7 which it was official at the MWC 2016 last year. What will be the device hardware? It seems that the screen diagonal pass permanently to 5.5 inches instead of the current 5.1-inch phablet in becoming a true sense of the word, with the support of 4K quality. Speaking of numbers, it will go from the current Quad HD 1440 x 2560 pixels at a massive 2160 x 3840 pixels as the Sony Xperia Z5 premium, with a quality that will not only be usable by the device itself.

No, it will be mainly devoted to virtual reality, going to hook the phone to the appropriate viewer that will allow you to immerse yourself in worlds that do not exist.
Of course, all the games that will not support the 4k will be reduced to Full HD. It seems that the South Korean company will focus solely on a future doubly rounded dropping the flat screen that will benefit only to the low-end mobile, medium and medium-high, since even Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (see our preview here) mounts a so the display. Users also clamoring for the introduction of even the latest-generation standard Type-C for the USB input.

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