Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 may already have a possible release date. At least, that’s what they tell us the first rumors that tell us about the new phone and when it might be presented. The flagship of Samsung would land on February 27. That means it would come a little later what became the Samsung Galaxy S7, and that would still be five months to launch the new smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 poses a problem
The truth is that Samsung has a small problem with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and defects in the battery. It is unclear whether the smartest strategy is to move on with this smartphone and will soon launch a Samsung Galaxy S8 that may have impact on the market and compete with the iPhone 7 Plus, or if it would be best that the problems were solved with the Galaxy Note 7 is returned to bet on him level marketing and trying to smartphone success again be, if not expected, yes very high. The funny thing is that the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 would be affected differently in the case chosen by Samsung. That is, if they choose to launch it soon, would have to come in January, while if they choose to promote the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would have to leave more time for this has sufficient margin to gain market share and rumors of Samsung Galaxy S8 not lead many users to decide to wait.

Perhaps this latter approach is the one that will follow Samsung. We say this because a release on February 27 would be relatively late considering that the Samsung Galaxy S7 was launched earlier this year.

Samsung Galaxy S8
For now we do not know much about the Samsung Galaxy S8. We do know that would have two versions, and in both cases would be dealt with curved screen smartphone. You may not see much news regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7-level design. An improvement in the processor, internal memory, RAM, battery and others, it is something to look forward. But most likely reach the major developments regarding the camera. Samsung almost forced to launch a Dual camera now that all competitors are opting for this path, even if the camera of Samsung Galaxy S7 is considered one of the best in the mobile market. At the moment, we have a first date, on 27 February

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