Samsung Galaxy View

After months of rumors and leaks, last October 28 Samsung made official one of the most curious products that have reported to date. We talked about the Samsung Galaxy View, the largest catalog tablet screen that looks nothing less than 18.4 inches diagonally. It has a peculiar design with a rear support with built-in handle that allows us to transport from one place to another more easily and its main objective is to offer multimedia content in a more flexible and independent way.

Samsung Galaxy View

If you look at the technical side, the Samsung Galaxy View has a full HD 1080p display, eight-core Exynos processor, 32 GB of internal memory expandable with MicroSD, WiFi connectivity and Android 5.1 dual-band serial Lollipop. Samsung decorates the visual system with TouchWiz layer, old acquaintance of the Galaxy range, but also adds a section specifically dedicated to multimedia content, the spirit of this product.

August was the month when we got the first clue that Samsung was working on a tablet of 18.4 inches. At first, without having more information than the diagonal of the screen, we could not imagine a functional product; it is assumed that the key to a tablet is portability, but such a large screen is required? What for? If you are someone who has not yet clear what this product, read on. The Samsung Galaxy View has passed through our hands and in this analysis we respond to your question.

Concept: a large tablet or something else?
Samsung Galaxy View

The first mistake in trying to understand the Samsung Galaxy View is classifying it in the category of tablets. Right out of the box we noticed that the Samsung Galaxy View is not a tablet, a tablet at least not as we knew until now. When we talk we talk about a tablet device with a relatively large screen (when compared to a smartphone) and especially a portable design. Tablets today are very thin and light, so that we can hold with one hand effortlessly fit in our purse or backpack with hardly notice that we took. Now you may have noticed that the Samsung Galaxy View does not fit with any of these requirements.

The giant Samsung tablet is portable, but is not intended for us to take her around with you. The pattern of consumption of multimedia content has changed, the TV is running in the background to the growing supply of streaming content and what the user wants today is flexibility. We narrows television schedules, but not only that, also limits the space in which -usually visualize the room. The Samsung Galaxy View is the answer to those seeking greater flexibility and freedom, both times and space.

The Samsung Galaxy View is not a tablet, nor a television, but can be classified as intermediate point between the two. The Android platform covers everything offers a tablet to use (download applications, games, surfing the Internet, watching videos on YouTube, edit documents …), while its design and multimedia hub that Samsung offers closer to a TV . This product is intended for series and movies freely, but inside the house, which leads to the next section.

Portable, but indoors
Samsung Galaxy View

We knew that the Samsung Galaxy View was great, but when we got the test drive courtesy of Samsung Spain, only the size of the box we were surprised. The packaging is larger than most laptops on the market and the own Samsung Galaxy View is too. The usual size notebook screen is about 15 inches, sometimes reaching 17, but this team raises the bar to 18.4 inches, and the difference is noticeable.

After the initial shock, we set out to open the box to take the tablet. It notes that the contents of the packaging is quite short; the only thing we found inside, besides the own Samsung Galaxy View, are the charger and warranty certificate. The tablet is protected with two pieces of cork that is not already damaged turn is protected by a plastic. The box design is also very simple. In our case we receive the white model, so that the box is also white, and only the product named on both sides, plus some technical data on the side. But let’s what matters, which is the design of the Samsung Galaxy View.

Galaxy ViewEl device is quite heavy, particularly 2.65 kg, and measuring 451.8 x 275.8 x 11.9 mm, which is not exactly portable. Samsung has solved the problem with an ingenious transport support includes a handle to hold it securely when’re moving. In addition, with this support you can place the computer upright or fold to place it in a tilted position that allows us a more comfortable handling. We can define the vertical position as the mode for watching movies, while the horizontal or inclined mode is designed to handle the device, for example to surf the web, check email or even enjoy a game. Samsung includes a magnet system for the two positions are well secured.

One detail that stands out is that the support is fixed, ie, it can not be removed as in samsung galaxy convertible viewotros devices to stay only with the tablet. This is a drawback if we transported elsewhere away from home, but reminds us that the Samsung Galaxy View is not intended for that. The Samsung Galaxy tablet View is a home that we can move from room to room using the handle, but not to take over and also not comfortable reposarla in the lap though you can, but to manage it with total comfort a surface is required flat as a table. Nevertheless, he had not been more easy transport outside the home, as well as the storage device. With its design, the safest way to take it to another place or store when not in use is to use the box itself, which as we said is quite large.

The design is functional support with handle, it allows us to support it and transport it easily, but when we take the Samsung Galaxy View for the handle, the support is folded and can give a slightly sharp blow if we are not careful. Furthermore, the weight is unevenly distributed when we carry from one side to another. Although not a serious problem, it could also be improved in this section.

Samsung-Galaxy-View-11The Samsung Galaxy View is available in white, although there is also a black model for other markets. When looking at the device from the front, its design reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but much larger. It is precisely because of their size so Samsung has eliminated the physical home button, betting on virtual buttons enter into the screen itself (it is much more comfortable handle touch buttons to press a physical button on the front). But the Samsung Galaxy View does have physical buttons are on the top, left edge, and are the classics: on / standby and volume control.

If we analyze the front, which is completely covered with glass, Samsung-Galaxy-View-09tambiƩn see the front camera on the screen and the Samsung logo at the bottom. The chassis of the Samsung Galaxy View is made of durable plastic (polycarbonate) with a matte white finish except for the stand-handle, which has a smooth texture honeycomb.

If we look at the Samsung Galaxy View from the right side we see the connections, located in a small bump on the bottom. The shaped profile of the kind known for belly in which the speakers are placed, one on each side, and where the hinge bracket is attached. The design is dominated by curves and organic shapes usual in the South Korean brand products.

Image and sound

The Samsung Galaxy View integrates a 18.4-inch TFT screen and HD resolution. The distribution of pixels is 1920 x 1080 and concentrated at 120 dots per inch. The figures are very low when compared with any of the high-end phones that Samsung has launched this year and who bet on QHD resolution and therefore its density is much higher for example the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge has a qHD screen 5.1 inch du density is 577 dots per inch. But it is a mistake to compare the Samsung Galaxy View with a smartphone, the key is the viewing distance.

The size of the Samsung Galaxy View allows us to put on the table and see movies or series from the couch, alone or with friends, always and when you have a hall of 100 square meters or invite all your friends to Once, of course. The ideal viewing distance to appreciate the highest level of detail is about 1 meter, but if we reduce the distance (50-70 cm) continues to maintain sharpness. It is only when we get too close when we can distinguish the pixels forming matrix screen, albeit quite subtle, nothing preventing the proper display of the content. The most demanding users will miss a higher, or even 4K QHD resolution, but in that case would be reduced autonomy, a point to be discussed later.

To close the section of the screen we emphasize that offers a good view angle so that several people can view the images properly and the brightness level is high enough to see the content even if we are in an environment with bright light, even outdoors -but best to avoid direct glare or logically darker scenes not appreciate fine.

As mentioned in the previous section, the Samsung Galaxy View has two speakers, one on each side. The speakers have been placed in the bump protruding from behind, but at a slight angle, which together with the handle, creates a cavity that amplifies and redirects sound toward the side so it does not get lost in the back. The sound is powerful enough to hear the movie dialogue clearly, although we are far from the tablet, and also lets you listen to music at relatively high volume.


The Samsung Galaxy View satisfies both in sound and image, despite not having bet on a higher resolution screen. At this point it should be remembered that most TVs have the same resolution (FullHD 1080p) and have wider diagonal, sometimes 50 inches or more, so that the density is even lower, but does not prevent us from enjoying good viewing experience. In this sense, if we compare the Samsung Galaxy View with a smartphone with FullHD screen, of course loses, but if faced with a TV with the same resolution is another matter.

And media center applications

If something common to all devices nourished Samsung Galaxy series is running Android and Samsung Galaxy View not going to break with tradition. The team works with Android 5.1 and brings Lollipop installed package of Google. It also offers access to Google Play Store, where you can download many applications of all kinds. Samsung has also integrated TouchWiz interface, which has the own we know from other devices of the brand. It also comes with the Apps Store Galaxy and S Club to participate in promotions and receive discounts.

Samsung has also reached an agreement with Microsoft and Samsung Galaxy View has the full Microsoft Office suite, including the OneNote application and access to cloud onedrive. If you connect a wireless keyboard, the tablet can become a working tool, although its true spirit is entertainment.

The Samsung Galaxy View comes with a multimedia center from which we can access various audiovisual content. To the left of the classic Android home screen it has integrated an additional screen with a mosaic design that provides access to some of the platforms most popular video streaming as Netflix and of course they are. It also includes VOD (TV3, TVE, Atres Player, Clan) and other services such as Orange TV, CantaJuego, Pocoyo TV, Mitele, Filmin or YouTube. To enjoy these services need to be discharged when necessary, such as happens with Netflix.

The offer, though complete, is limited because you can not edit this screen or add new services. However, it is possible to download other streaming apps from Google Play, you can not do is add to the media center. The Samsung Galaxy View can also add our personal library contents through a MicroSD memory card, which is inserted through a small tray at the rear.

This section also highlight the integration of a front camera. The sensor has 2.1 megapixels, videos in FullHD records and their use is primarily intended for video calls through Skype or other service. We talk about the camera because Samsung has included a function focused photos. It is Family Square, a service that allows us to synchronize with our phone to have all the photos organized in one place and you can view them on the big screen. The application has an editor that allows us to draw on the image and add text on top. The camera application also offers some effects like black and white or sepia, includes timer mode to enhance beauty and portraits. If the light is good, gets acceptable results, but if you shoot indoors with artificial light photos have too much noise.

Technical specifications and autonomy
Samsung Galaxy View

Inside the Samsung Galaxy View is a Exynos 7530 processor, eight-core, with support for 64-bit and accompanied by a Mali T720 graphics processor MP2. The RAM is 2 GB, a figure somewhat adjusted to a team of its features. In practice, the Samsung Galaxy View offers a very fluid performance when performing common tasks, even when running graphics-intensive games. It does not take so well is that many processes have open at one time, but generally have not experienced failures or shutdowns, or applications or the system itself.

Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy ViewLa View is available in two models according to capacity, 32 or 64 GB. The model we tested is 32 Gb, of which 6.68 Gb are occupied by the system. Samsung has been criticized by its customers for the decision to remove the MicroSD slots in its latest high-end smartphones, but have kept this option in the Samsung Galaxy View because it is a consumer focused multimedia device. Also, this way you freedom to copy or extract files from a computer hardware. As already mentioned, the MicroSD card (up to 128GB) is inserted through a discreet cover which is in the lower left corner of the back cover.

There is a model of Samsung Galaxy View sold in select markets can insert a SIM card to have data connection, but it is a computer designed for home use, so you do not see much sense. The WiFi connection is more than enough to take full advantage of the multimedia applications and services it offers. Besides the household connection it is usually more stable and quick, but watch go far from the router. It also carries Bluetooth to connect accessories and a MicroUSB port, but not to charge the battery. The battery is recharged with a round peg, while the MicroUSB serves to connect to another device, including external displays as it is compatible with MHL-HDMI.

Speaking of battery, Samsung’s promise of 8 hours of viewing multimedia content quite fit the reality, as long as we do not put the screen brightness and sound to the fullest. The length at rest were pleasantly surprised. During a full night without interacting with the device, charging only decreased by 2%, but depends on the services you have installed and background activity they generate.

Price, availability and reviews
Samsung Galaxy View

The Samsung Galaxy View is already on sale in our country for a fixed price of 650 euros for the model of 32 Gb (64 Gb model not sold in Spain at the moment), a figure that is in line with many FullHD TVs with much larger screens, but also high-end smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus they have much smaller screens. We return to the beginning, where we said that the Samsung Galaxy View is somewhere halfway between a mobile device and a television.

The team provides a good user experience although not bet too high in the technical section. The decision to have maintained a FullHD screen may be inconvenient for the most demanding, like the 2 GB of RAM users. The media center proposal is interesting, but it would be nice to be able to extend and customize, while Microsoft apps will satisfy users looking for tools focused on productivity.

The design is one of the points that we liked most as an innovation towards unexplored direction. It happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note in 2011 and today the phablets have emerged as the preferred choice for many users. In a time when traditional TV is starting to move into the background, a tablet with the soul of your TV (or TV cored tablet) could be the cornerstone of a new category of multimedia devices. Time will tell if Samsung Galaxy View is a genius or nonsense. We see many possibilities. After testing, as we see him more sense of a 18-inch tablet.

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