Samsung Galaxy Wing

The latest news we had of this terminal was to be called Samsung Galaxy X and could be presented next spring, so it would be very close if final development.

Now new patents give us a clue to the name that could adopt the revolutionary terminal.

Samsung first mobile folding
A new patent has come to light, this shows planes of the folding screen terminal in action. As can be seen in the text of the patent Samsung itself calls the new smartphone as Samsung Galaxy Wing. Besides the planes, reveal some features of this revolutionary folding screen of the new Galaxy Wing.

The Samsung Galaxy folding Wing, the text thanks for buying this model of Samsung and summons us to enjoy the virtual keyboard while the maximum space available to write and read our emails.
Samsung Galaxy Wing
Finally we want to enjoy our time with the Samsung Galaxy Wing. In the other planes of the patent we can see the Samsung Galaxy Wing rolled and with what appears to your lock screen, which shows the time and an icon to make a call or pick up.

The last of the images shows the keyboard that the welcome text concerned, is that as you can see we can write on the side of the Galaxy Wing deployed with the split into two parts, one for each hand keyboard.

In the part that we have a fairly large screen that shows us what we are writing and allows us among other things read the emails we receive keys do not appear. Certainly not only it is interesting the name that has the device in this patent, but the curious can make use of its revolutionary folding screen.

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